I am the change that I want to see The World to change

In the UK we should develop a Peoples Council through an open democracy forum platform on the net. This would be the first of its kind and would aim to inspire democracy initiatives Globally.

This website is to briefly describe an initial proposal for this. I want this website to be a springboard to gather computer technicians and contributors who have ethical and technical points to make about the design of a democracy forum platform. I hope that we can set up a virtual community that can harness the internet as a medium to design the platform. We would come together via a blog or wiki [maybe] to create a workable acceptable interface that can be used for an open democracy that can be modified as evidence best shows.


The forum would be on the net. It would be networked with each user having an interface with the forum as a personal page a bit like face book. Through your page you can access the forum democracy , its discussions and decision making processes.

Topics can be raised. so that they can be discussed at meetings. These meetings at the forum would be interactive.

Each topic would have a separate meeting at the forum. A convenor would be chosen. An agenda raised and set. There could be signals to help;

  • New Point signal
  • Direct response signal
  • Technical point Signal
  • Point Signal
  • Proposal Signal
  • Agreement Signal
  • Vote for Motion/ decision
  • New Point Signal

    These signals could be different keys and would have a display on the participants screen/ interface/page. The signals should be able to be withdrawn at any point to create a fluidity of conversation.

    The Open Democracy platform would be used by the people to open up the democracy from bottom up. It could be used initially for local decision making and go on to contribute to a less centralized government and a more bottom up local democracy.

    Please if you are finding this idea interesting then look at the excellent edemocracy site e-democracy.org/uk that has already been set up. It is a good look at a very local focused version of the project I want to build. I hope to work with them in some way. My ideal would be that they would run into eachother. I am wanting the project  that I am here proposing to go further to the extent that it looks at issues that have a national significance. I felt having looked at the movement towards decentralised government and issues that arise as i see it from edemocracy e-democracy.org/uk that  the problem can be that when some issues can’t be solved at local level, these issues can then turn into revolving door syndromes if not dealt with appropriatly by National level government.An easy example is the coffee shop example in edemocracy. This showed that local shops were getting kicked out the market by high street franchises, the beauty as far as the local movement[ edemocracy conclusion] is concerned, is fantastic; in terms of getting local support for local cafes and raising awareness and concern its great. However as far as changing the WTO access clause 52 which says that the business which can make the biggest profit to the share holders wins.Thus altho lots of energy goes into chatting about it when do local businesses get heard amongst CBI, WTO, Global rules ?

    I think that democratised and more decentralised government is the way forward and that it can play a huge role in the wider society. And I believe the people can build an instrument that can serve the Nation/Globe. Please whoever you are join us.

    If you are interested in this then please join this blog. This page is a very simple beginning to something that could help to revolutionize Our World.

    My name is Loka-Satyananda, I am a healer and have no skills or knowledge in any aspects of computers- I am only just getting the hang of this word press. I hope the blog can allow open discussion on how to bring this project forward. I wanted to put the idea on the government e petition website however it is closed since the last government swop.

    If you wish to contact me personally please email rainbow@arjun.eclipse.co.uk or ring 07952907748.

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